Vinita pays tribute to SuchitraSen in the Popular Star Tv Series MemBou New Avatar of SuchitraSen'sRinaBrown : Vinita as Carol Brown of MemBou

Vinita pays tribute to SuchitraSen in the Popular Star Tv Series MemBou New Avatar of SuchitraSen'sRinaBrown : Vinita as Carol Brown of MemBou By :AnitMukerjea (Celebrated Journalist, Author and Grandson of Surendranath Banerjee) Kolkata, India - She is all set to conquer Kolkata’s tele world with her long elegant neck bejewelled in the best set of pearls bedecked in a dapper pink dress with her British blonde hair cascading over the shoulders of a svelte personality that endeavours to stand out in the crowd. She, a Mumbai based singer, high profile corporate anchor and a best awardee actor who was recently honoured with the Star JalsaParivar Award on April 2 this year for her lead role in the teleserialMemBou at the Science City auditorium. Meet the Mumbai-based Vinita Chatterjee who arrived all the way from that metropolitan city to usurp the coveted lead role of Carol Brown, apparently a new screen avatar of yesteryear Tollywood legend SuchitraSen’s role as Rina Brown in the 1962 hit film of AjoyKar’sSaptapadi – a kind of old wine in a new bottle. “Although, I never had a personal encounter with the great star SuchitraSen, I feel as though I had been blessed by her in spirit to pursue this role that made me come all the way from Mumbai to Kolkata. SuchitraSen appeared in my dream as an elderly lady whom I have never seen in my life and, who looked exactly like the older version of the screen persona. She told me ‘soon you will be in Kolkata playing a role like Rina Brown and you will quickly gain recognition and awards. They say a dream in the morning is something positive and comes true ------ so here I am.” Aside from a well ensconced lead role as Carol Brown in the popular tele serial MemBou televised over Star Jalsha, Vinita returned to Calcutta from Mumbai with another purpose in mind namely in search of her roots. “Geography cannot limit an artist as art transcends boundaries. I am Vinni – the Dreamer who dares” she admits. Claiming to hail from a royal family, Vinita’s mother, an army officer belongs to the dynasty of Maharaja Krishna Chandra Roy of Krishnanagar. Her father, a chemist, too comes from zamindari background – the Bardhaman Maharajas SabhaPandit dynasty. Vinita Chatterjee dubs herself as the ‘Princess in Wilderness’. “As a princess in the 21st century, I wish to honour my forefathers by introducing reforms for the cause of humanity.” she confides. Being highly qualified with a post graduate degree in journalism and mass communication what made her change gears from a singer and corporate anchor to becoming an actor. “Well, I never chose acting. On the contrary acting chose me I guess as I am Destiny’s Child. All my life I wanted to live out many roles in one lifetime.” she states with self confidence. Vinita was never satisfied in one dimensional roles as she has multi-faceted interest in acting, singing, anchoring, photography, videography, writing film scripts, travelling and outdoor sports being quite out of the purview of monotonous jobs. When it comes to expectations career-wise in the world of show-biz in the future, MsChatterjee compares herself to the flow of a river following its natural course of its ongoing journey ahead. To her the journey is more important than the destination. On the anvil MsChatterjee has a few projects awaiting completion such as her show ‘Vinnie Diaries’ – a travel show for TV or digital media. It includes a series of 5 books of Vinnie Diaries – A Dreamer who dares purportedly an autobiography. Before her maiden vehicle as the main star in MemBou for Star Jalsha, Vinita Chatterjee proved her mettle as a Bollywood actor singer in the Star Plus serial EkHazaronMeinMeriBehnaHai for which she received the best actor debut award. This includes the Cinema Century Award notably the FICCI award in New Delhi 2013-14. MsChatterjee has acted in the serial CID on Sony Channel. Vinita has performed with Shah Rukh Khan in Mirchi Music Award 2016 televised on Zee TV in Mumbai. She was engaged in more than 1,200 events as celebrity anchor and Bollywood singer. She had anchored VH 1 Concert with International Pop Band AKCENT. Added to this is her involvement as official anchor for the Champions League and Chennai Super Kings, Blender Pride Fashion Tour as well as concerts in India as both anchor and singer along with such Bollywood celebrities as Shaan, BappiLahiri, Pritam, MohitChauhan, Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Mohan, Rabbi Shergil et al. There have been big events as anchor with Amitabh Bachchan, HridaynathMangeshkar Awards in Mumbai and movie promos such as Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol ‘Dilwali’ movie tour in Delhi. This includes Shah Rukh Khan in Mirchi Music Awards in 2016 in Mumbai, Akshay Kumar and SiddharthMalhotra for movie promo of ‘Brothers’ and TV anchor for Zee Network and as a journalist for CNN I BN. MsChatterjee ` recently acted in the Bollywood film ‘A Scandal’ directed by IshanTrivedi opposite Johnny Baweja. But the Bengali tele serial MemBou for Star Jalsa proved to be the turning point and milestone in Vinita Chatterjee’s career in show biz. Her role as Carol Brown, a British architect and photographeris to her may be deemed among the most successful and mentally satisfying role she has ever played. MemBou may be marked as the first Bengali serial to be shot in Europe(Georgia) and the first serial to have received European exposure. While expressing her views on her role as MemBouChatterjee says: “To me, indeed it was a very taxing and challenging role of an empowering character of a British architect and photographer actually in search of her rootsfacing numerous hurdles and obstacles coming her way and solving all the problems through her presence of mind. “ To Vinita, MemBou is a witty, smart and intelligent person with a solution driven mind-set which till date is the most successful and challenging venture to cross her path so far. At the moment she does not contemplate marriage and this is what she has to say: “I am married to my dreams and endeavour to make them come true. For me, at the moment there is no question of marriage which will be binding and chaining me to a single person. A single life, in fact, liberates me from bondage.” She concludes.