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Alopecia areata: Know the medical condition Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett suffering from

  Hollywood star Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars is making global headlines but the incident has also brought the focus on alopecia—a medical disorder that leads to varying degree of hair loss.
During the Academy Awards ceremony, Smith slapped Rock on stage after the latter cracked a joke about the Hollywood star’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.
The joke was in reference to Pinkett-Smith’s shaved head because of autoimmune disorder alopecia but it apparently didn’t go down well with Smith, who went up to the stage and slapped Rock.
Dermatologists and hair care experts from Delhi to Mumbai concurred that as the disorder entails loss of hair, it often “affects the self-image and self-esteem” of people suffering from it.
Doctors at leading hospitals in Delhi said alopecia could be “scarring” or “non-scarring” or alopecia areata, triggered by autoimmune conditions.
Mumbai-based dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon Dr Sonali Kohli said there are multiple kinds of alopecia, largely depending on the degree of autoimmune disorder. The most common type is “alopecia areata”, which occurs in about one out of 1,000 people.
“In this type, there could be a single or multiple patches of hair loss and both adult and children can get it. Alopecia is a genetic disorder, so children have the susceptibility of getting it even if one of their parents have it, but the degree of susceptibility could be different,” she told PTI.