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Lok Sabha Election: My third term will start from June, PM Modi said - The guarantee of a developed India is my resolution

  New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has associated the dream of the youth with his resolution, terming it as the guarantee of a developed India, and said that the youth has the right to decide its path. Full of confidence about the victory in the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi again said that his third term will start from June.

PM Modi on Monday inaugurated and laid the foundation stones of more than two thousand ongoing projects worth Rs 41 thousand crore in the railways through video conferencing. He was described as a vehicle for major changes in India's infrastructure. Said that we dream big and work tirelessly to realize them, which is also visible in the railways in the last 10 years. Train travel is getting easier. Agricultural and industrial progress is gaining momentum. Airport-like facilities are available at the stations.

PM Modi described the youth as the beneficiaries of a developed India

He described the youth as the real beneficiaries of a developed India. Credited with development. Said that these projects will create lakhs of employment opportunities. Only the youth have the right to decide how India will develop. Modi said that he is working hard to create the third economic superpower. When we achieve the goal, we can imagine how much our strength will increase.

The Prime Minister said that investment in railways is beneficial

The Prime Minister mentioned the 'One Station One Product' programme, which guarantees increased employment and thousands of new jobs through infrastructure spending, and promotes the products of farmers, artisans and Vishwakarma Mitras through stalls at stations. described as doing Showing the way for the next five years, he described investment in railways as beneficial.

He gave an example to explain that just as money deposited in banks earns interest, every money spent on infrastructure generates new sources of income and employment. Construction of railway lines will create employment opportunities. Jobs will also increase in industries and shops like steel, cement and transport.

The pace of construction gives a glimpse of the country's progress

Recalling the launch of the Amrit Bharat Station project a few months ago, the Prime Minister said that the pace of construction reflects the progress of the country. What seemed impossible at first became true within ten years. For this, the Prime Minister cited the example of semi-high-speed trains like Vande Bharat, Amrit Bharat and Namo Bharat, electrification and cleaning of railway lines. Comparing the situation to the past, he noted how unmanned gates are now common.