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Knew at the age of 18 that marriage is not for me: Rahul Bose

  In his latest Netflix series, Rahul Bose plays a father to a confused teenager eager for love but as he looks back, the actor says he was sure even as a young boy that he desires "beautiful relationships" but never marriage.
Bose, star of acclaimed films like "Mr and Mrs Iyer", "The Japanese Wife", "Jhankaar Beats", currently features on the young adult series "Eternally Confused and Eager for Love".
When asked if there was ever a phase where he was eager for love, the actor, who has been fiercely, guarded about his private life, quipped, "I am so eager for love, I can't tell you. Can somebody please? I am very eager. I have many qualities but eagerness is a big quality of mine".
The 54-year-old actor, however, told PTI that he has operated with remarkable clarity when it comes to getting married- it was never on the cards.
"At the age of 18, I said I will never get married and my mother said, 'That's ok, we will see five or ten years from now'. If she had been alive today, she probably would have realised that I just knew.”
"Love, togetherness, companionships? Yes. Long, beautiful relationships with laughter and truth and moments? Yes. But marriage and all that stuff was never part of my imagination," the Mumbai-born actor said.
On the series, scheduled to premiere on March 18, Bose plays the father of Ray, an awkward young man, navigating adulthood and the world of romance in the 21st century.