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'Big mistake' Netanyahu expresses grief over Rafah airstrike; This was said on the death of 45 people

  Jerusalem: Israel attacks in Rafah The war between Israel and Hamas continues. Meanwhile, the Israeli army carried out a major operation in southern Gaza. Hamas launched missile attacks on Israel, after which Israel retaliated by attacking the city of Rafah. The dead included 23 women, children and the elderly. A total of 45 people died. Including these, the number of Palestinians killed in ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7, 2023 has reached 36,050. Let it be said that due to the air strike, a fire broke out in the tents built by the displaced people in Rafah, due to which 45 people died. Regret the military action Many countries have expressed concern over this attack. Not only this, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed regret over this incident. He has accepted his mistake regarding this attack. Netanyahu said that the military operation was not intended to harm anyone. This attack will be investigated. In his speech in Parliament, he said that unfortunately some civilians have died in this air strike. People did not even get a chance to run away According to eyewitnesses in Rafah, the Israeli attack caused the refugees' tents to catch fire and they did not have time to escape and burned to death. Hamas blamed the US for the attack Senior Hamas leader Sami Abu Zuhri has called it genocide against the Palestinians and blamed the US, which is providing arms and money to Israel. The Israeli military operation in Rafah continued on Monday, despite the killing of a large number of civilians and worldwide condemnation of the attack. Eight people were killed on Monday after Israeli tanks opened fire on the eastern and central parts of the city. Fighting has been ongoing between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters east of Rafah for two weeks, but this is the first bloody attack in the Rafah area.