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US Department of Energy claims, Kovid-19 epidemic spread due to leakage in China's laboratory

  WASHINGTON - New intelligence has prompted the US Department of Energy to conclude that a dangerous laboratory leak in China is most likely to have started the coronavirus pandemic. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has given this information. MPs putting pressure on Biden for investigation According to the WSJ report, this conclusion was a change from the department's previous position, which was not certain how the virus emerged. The latest update, which is less than five pages long, was not requested by Congress but lawmakers, particularly House and Senate Republicans, are investigating the outbreak themselves and are pressing the Biden administration and intelligence agencies for more information. The Department of Energy joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation According to the WSJ report, the Department of Energy has now joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the possibility that the virus may have spread accidentally in a Chinese lab. The Energy Department's findings are the result of new intelligence because the agency has considerable scientific expertise and oversees a network of US national laboratories, some of which conduct advanced biological research. The FBI had previously concluded that the outbreak was the result of a lab leak in 2021. The WSJ reported that more than one million Americans had died in the epidemic that began three years earlier.