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Astrology Tips To Be Followed On Dhanteras For Good Health And Prosperity

  On the day of Dhanteras God worshipped is Dhanvantri. There is a legend in the scriptures that Lord Dhanvantri had appeared with nectar orangan at the time of sea churning. On the day of Dhanteras worshiping Lord Ganesha, prosperity increases happiness and prosperity. Try these trick to gain prosperity-

* To make Dhanteras special this year, you can do some very easy tricks. By adopting this trick, your luck will change overnight and you will get the desired result.

* Burn 13 lamps after sunset on the day of Dhanteras. Have 13 couples near Deepak Later, after midnight, these caudices were pressed into the soil in some corner of the house. By doing this, you can suddenly get money.

* On the day of Dhanteras, keep 13 lamps inside the house and 13 outside the house. Doing so leads to the darkness of poverty in the house, apart from it, Deepak Mata Lakshmi and Lord Kuber invite you to come to your house.