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'Donald Trump becoming president again is a threat to America', said Nikki Haley - America needs the right captain

  Washington: Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has targeted former US President Donald Trump. Nikki Haley said that if Donald Trump wins the elections in 2024, chaos can spread in the country for four years. Which will prove to be dangerous for America.

Nikki Haley took aim at Trump

Nikki Haley said America needs a captain who will keep it steady and not try to sink it. He said this while addressing an event in Las Vegas while criticizing former President Donald Trump.

Mention of the Israel-Hamas and Ukraine war

However, during this time, he also gave credit to Trump for his pro-Israeli policies. In response to a question, Haley said that we are going through the most dangerous period of life. Referring to the Israel-Hamas and Ukraine wars, he said that the world is burning. Nothing matters more to me than stopping war, keeping the peace, and protecting the American people.