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In a rare case, a Pakistani woman gave birth to 6 children within an hour, mother and child are healthy

  Rawalpindi: A 27-year-old woman gave birth to six children on Friday in the district headquarters hospital of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Four of the newborns are boys, while two are girls, each weighing less than two pounds. Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Farzana said that all the six children and their mother are healthy. The report said that Muhammad Waheed's wife Zeenat Waheed gave birth to six children one after the other within an hour. This was Zeenat's first pregnancy. On Thursday night she went into labor and was rushed to the hospital. "The sextuplets and their mother are doing well; however, doctors have put the babies in an incubator," Dr Farzana told Dawn. Dr Farzana said that Zeenat had developed complications after giving birth to the children and her condition is expected to return to normal in the next few days. In order of delivery, the first two babies born were boys. The duty officer in the labor room said, “It was not a normal delivery and the baby girl was third in the order of delivery. Meanwhile, during the conversation with the media, the family members of Jeenat expressed their happiness on the birth of the children. Sextuplets are thought to occur in only one in every 4.5 million pregnancies. Such a large number of live births is a rare event. A woman can become pregnant with two or more embryos at the same time when a fertilized egg splits before implanting in the uterus (as is the case with identical twins) or when separate eggs are fertilized by different sperm. Fertilized (fraternal twins form). In recent years, fertility techniques such as ovulation-inducing drugs and in vitro fertilization (IVF) have been known to lead to multiple pregnancies. Medications that stimulate ovulation help produce more eggs. If conceived, they can produce multiple children, according to Stanford Medicine.