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Ukraine attacked Russia with 53 drones, Russia claims, all drones were shot down

  Ukraine has launched a major attack with 53 drones in the Rostov region of the Russian border. It is being considered as one of the biggest air strikes by Ukraine so far. However, the Russian army has claimed that all the drones were shot down. 44 of these drones were dropped in Morojoski. The governor of Rostov said that a power substation has been damaged in the attack. Ukrainian authorities have not commented on this. Russian media have said that a military airfield is located near Morozhosky. However, it was not clear whether their target was a military airfield or not. On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Defense has said that 9 more drones were intercepted in Russia's border areas of Kusrak, Belgorod, Krasnodar and nearby Saratov. The airbase of Russian bombers is located in the Saratov region. Russia also attacked Kharkiv, killing four Russia attacked Ukraine's Kharkiv area with a drone on Thursday. Four people died in the attack. It is also reported that 12 people were injured in the attack. On the other hand, Jamivska thermal plant was also targeted due to which the houses of about 3,50,000 people in Kharkiv area were left in darkness. During the power supply in six regions of Ukraine, some cuts had to be made. 15 drones were used in the attack. Knife attack on governor of Murmansk Andrei Chibis, governor of Murmansk, Russia, was attacked with a knife. He has been injured in this. The attacker has been taken into custody. Andrei has been admitted to the hospital. The governor's spokesman said the attack was unprovoked. He was coming out of a meeting.