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Important news: After tightening the student visas, Canada also tightened the work permit

  Ottawa: Canada's Immigration Minister Mark Miller said today that temporary foreign workers will make up 6.2 percent of Canada's total population in 2023. According to the announcement made today by the government, this share will be reduced to 5 percent by 2027. Immigration Minister Miller said that we will review the temporary work permit programs again to see if they match the needs of the labor market or not. On this occasion, the minister said that Canada has become dependent on tapperary workers in the past years. It should be remembered that after the tightening of student visas by Canada, now there will be tightening on those coming through work permit. Visitor visas are already being issued under strict conditions. On this occasion, people in Canada complain that workers are exploited for fake work permits (LMIA). For which thousands of dollars are reported to be charged.