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Baltimore Bridge Collapse: 47 years of 'history' collapsed in a moment, what is the specialty of Baltimore Bridge; Find answers to all questions here

  Baltimore: Tuesday, March 26 has now become a historic day in the history of America. On Tuesday when a cargo ship collided with the 'Francis Scott Key Bridge' in Baltimore. As the plane hit the bridge, the entire bridge collapsed like a deck of cards. It destroyed an icon of American history. Tuesday when a freighter crashed into the Baltimore Bridge and the entire bridge collapsed. The collapse of this bridge is not just the collapse of a structure. The bridge had 47 years of American history, which is now gone and submerged in water. Let's know what happened in this accident till now and what is the history of this bridge. How this incident happened: This incident occurred when a cargo ship named 'Dally' collided with the piers of the 'Francis Scott Key Bridge' in Baltimore, after which the entire structure of the bridge fell into the water. According to information received, before hitting the bridge, the plane's lights went off and the plane lost its way. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said the plane's crew was notified of the plane's location before it hit the bridge, allowing authorities to stop oncoming traffic from crossing the bridge. How many people were victims of this accident: According to the news agency Reuters, there were eight people present when the bridge collapsed. Fire officials and the medical center said at least two people were rescued, one of whom was taken to a hospital. How the rescue is going: Maryland State Police Secretary Col. Roland L. According to Butler Jr., dive teams from various state and local agencies have been brought in to assist in search and rescue operations. A search mission was launched with 50 rescue personnel. The team is engaged in finding out the causes of the accident: The investigating officers are still engaged in finding out how the accident happened. Along with this, the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate how the bridge was built and the structure will also be examined. NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendi said it "will take time to determine" whether the bridge was ever flagged for any safety deficiencies. When was this bridge of Baltimore built? The bridge that has been the victim of an accident in Baltimore, USA, is called 'Francis Scott Key Bridge', which people will also know as 'Key Bridge'. Construction of Baltimore's Francis Scott Bridge began in 1972 and opened to the public on March 23, 1977. What are the features of the Baltimore Bridge? When the bridge opened to the public in 1977, it was 1.6 miles long. The bridge connected the other side of the Patapsco River with Baltimore Harbor. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, it was the second longest continuous-truss bridge in the United States and the third longest in the world. How much damage was caused by the collapse of the bridge 110 million dollars i.e. 11 crore rupees were spent to build the Francis Scott Key Bridge. It is a four-lane bridge that is about 56 meters above the river. It opened in 1977 and helps cross the Patapsoc River. It is considered a major transportation hub for the US East Coast and the port of entry to the Port of Baltimore.