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Clarification issued by the hospital on Mamata Banerjee's injury, update on statement of being pushed from behind

  Kolkata: Officials of the government SSKM Medical College and Hospital issued an explanation on Friday regarding the injury on the forehead of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. On Thursday, SSKM director Manimaya Bandopadhyay said that the injury may have been caused by being pushed from behind near his house. Manimoy claimed that his statement on Thursday was misinterpreted. "What I wanted to say was that there was a feeling of being pushed from behind," the SSKM director told reporters on Friday. However, he declined to elaborate on his new explanation. He said that our job is only to treat patients. All this we are doing. Trinamool sources said that the Chief Minister is currently at his residence in Kalighat, South Kolkata. His condition is stable. He will be brought back to SSKM, where a medical team will examine him. After the chief minister was admitted to the hospital at around 7.30 pm on Thursday, a team of specialist doctors from the departments of neurosurgery, general medicine and cardiology treated him. Many tests like CT scan done Several tests like electrocardiogram and CT scan were also done. The hospital authorities advised to keep him in the hospital. But she was adamant about returning home. On Thursday, the Trinamool Congress said that the Chief Minister had slipped and fallen while walking at his residence. Trinamool's internet media cell also released a picture, in which blood can be seen oozing from the chief minister's forehead. SIT team of Bengal Police will investigate Now the SIT team of Bengal Police will investigate the injury on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's forehead. Commissioner of Police Vineet Kumar Goyal said that the SIT will consist of officers from various departments who will investigate the case. The investigation process will be monitored by the SIT. The SIT will examine the CCTV footage around the Chief Minister's official residence in South Kolkata's Kalighat. The SIT members will also question the security personnel posted at the Chief Minister's residence. The existing security arrangements at the Chief Minister's residence will also be reviewed. The Chief Minister was admitted to the hospital yesterday, where he was discharged after treatment. He has stitches on his forehead and nose.