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Israel Hamas War: Destruction of Palestinians standing in line for food, 20 killed in Israeli soldiers' firing; More than 150 injured

  Gaza City : Israel-Hamas War: Months of Israel-Hamas war have passed and the death toll in Gaza is mounting. Civilians, including many children, are falling victim to shelling and shelling. Aid is being delivered to Gaza with food and essential items. Meanwhile, many people waiting for food aid were killed by Israeli fire. According to CNN, the Ministry of Health of Gaza said that about 20 people were killed and more than 150 were injured in this attack. The attack took place at the Kuwaiti crossing of Gaza, where aid trucks usually arrive with food. The death toll will increase The death toll is expected to rise as the injured are being transferred to the hospital, said Dr. Mohammad Gharab of Al Shifa Hospital's emergency unit. According to a CNN report, a witness at the scene said dozens of people had died, with video allegedly showing dozens of bodies lying at the scene. The Palestinian Ministry of Health described the incident as 'a group of civilians waiting for humanitarian aid at the Kuwaiti crossing of Gaza was targeted by Israeli forces. Blamed Israel According to eyewitnesses, the area was attacked with what sounded like artillery or tank fire. Gaza Civil Defense spokesman Mahmoud Bassal blamed Israel for the attack in a statement Thursday, CNN reported. Help will reach by sea CNN quoted Mahmoud Bassel as saying that Israeli occupation forces are still practicing a policy of killing innocent civilians waiting for relief aid as a result of the famine in the northern Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that humanitarian aid would enter Gaza by sea for the first time. Humanitarian aid is reaching Gaza by land, air and sea. For the first time, humanitarian aid is reaching Gaza by sea. A UAE-funded ship carrying humanitarian aid from WCKitchen left on Tuesday. The IDF said on Thursday that the commander of Hamas's operations unit, Mohammed Abu Hasna, was hit and killed by a precision strike in the Rafah region during the ongoing war with Israel.