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'Congress did not have the will power, we changed the image of the country', PM Modi targeted the opposition in Dwarka

  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Gujarat. Meanwhile, he inaugurated, inaugurated and laid the foundation stones of various projects. After this, while addressing the public meeting, he said that I visited the ancient Dwarka ji by going into the deep sea. Addressing the public, PM Modi said, "I pay homage to Dwarkadham, the birthplace of Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Krishna resides in Dwarka as Dwarkadhish. Whatever happens here happens as per the will of Dwarkadhish." is." Went deep into the ocean and saw the ancient Dwarka." He said, "Archaeologists have written a lot about that Dwarka located in the sea. It is said that Lord Vishwakarma himself built this city of Dwarka. Today my heart is very sad, I am overwhelmed with emotions. For decades The dream I cherished. Touching that holy land would have been fulfilled today. You can imagine the joy inside me. I will today with that vision of Samudra Dwarka to strengthen the resolve of India's development. I have come." PM Modi said, "Today I too have the privilege of inaugurating the Sudarshan Bridge. 6 years ago I had the opportunity to lay the foundation stone of this bridge. This bridge will connect Okha with Bet Dwarka and facilitate the darshan of Dwarkadhish. will give. The dream you dream of, the foundation stone of which was laid, has been fulfilled. This is the guarantee of Modi, the servant of the public in the form of God." Targeted at Congress Targeting the Congress, PM Modi said that we have also seen the days when the people of Saurashtra used to struggle for every drop of water. When I used to say that the water of the rivers remains water throughout the year, the Congress used to make fun of me. It was thought that it would be taken to Saurashtra and Kutch, but today Saurashtra Yojana has changed the fortunes of Saurashtra. More than 1300 km long pipeline has been laid, which is wide enough that a car can pass through it, hundreds of water now. has reached the villages. He said, "attacking the opposition party Congress, PM Modi said that there were many scams in the previous government. You installed me on the throne of Delhi in 2014, after which the country's development did not run on The previous government had the will. Yes, there is construction going on in all four directions." Old governments wasted energy in hiding corruption Targeting the Congress, PM Modi said that those who have ruled India for a long time do not have the will power. They had no intention of providing facilities to common citizens. He wasted all his energy in the service of the family. The PM said that he somehow wasted his energy running the government for five years and hiding corruption. This is the reason why he was successful in making India the 11th largest economy in the world.