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Four lakh Indians may have died before getting a green card, the report paints an alarming picture of the long waiting list

  Washington: A shocking information has come out about Indians waiting for green card in America. According to a report, more than 10.5 lakh Indians are waiting for an employment-based green card in America. It has been said that if the situation of waiting remained like this, then four lakh people would have died before getting this document. A US green card is officially known as a permanent resident card. This is a document issued to immigrants, which gives them the right to live in America permanently. A number of green card issuances are fixed for each country's citizens. The waiting list for employment-based green cards reached a new record of 1.8 million this year, according to a study by David J. Beer, an American liberal think tank at the Cato Institute. Of these, about 11 lakh (63 per cent) were Indians and two and a half lakh (14 per cent) were from China. People believe that the primary reason for the long waiting list for the green card is its limited number. According to the current rules, no country can issue more than seven percent of green cards. According to the report, the waiting list of around 11 lakh Indian applicants has become a burden on the system. Due to the long waiting list, four lakh Indians will not be able to fulfill their dream of getting a green card in this life.