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Supreme Court strict on those giving Hate Speech, said- Politicians should keep religion away from politics

  New Delhi: The Supreme Court of the country has issued a stern rebuke to those who make hate speech. The Supreme Court, while coming down hard on people who indulge in hate speech, said why such people cannot restrain themselves. The Supreme Court further asked why these people insult any citizen or community. Regarding the use of religion in political speeches, the Supreme Court said that the moment politicians of the country start doing politics by keeping religion aside, the cases of hate speech will also end. Social fabric is crumbling: Justice KM Joseph Let us tell you that a few months ago, the Supreme Court had made a sharp comment on the issue of hate speech. Justice KM Joseph had said, "This is the 21st century. Where have we come in the name of religion? We should be a secular and tolerant society, but today there is an atmosphere of hatred." Expressing concern, he had said that the social fabric is being disrupted. How small we have made God. There are controversies over his name.