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2nd Chinese Spy Balloon: Suspected Chinese spy balloon now seen in Latin America, read Pentagon's big claim

  Tensions are rising between the US and China over the suspected spy balloon. The latest news is that after America, a similar suspicious spy balloon has been seen in Latin America. The Pentagon has made this big claim. Earlier, China's spy balloon was seen flying in America on Friday night. The balloon has been flying for two days, Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said. The US has described it as a violation of its sovereignty and international laws. US Secretary of State Anthony Bullock abruptly postponed his trip to Beijing on Friday. The US government has contacted the Chinese government through both the Chinese embassy in Washington and the US diplomatic mission in China. However, China's foreign ministry said it was not a spy balloon, but one released for research, which went astray due to strong winds. China reacts to spy balloons China's foreign ministry said it was a civilian aircraft, mainly used for research for meteorological purposes. China has expressed regret for the airspace violation. Meanwhile, Canada said on Thursday that it is also monitoring the activities of Chinese balloons. It is worth noting that balloons have been used for espionage since the Second World War. Spy balloons operate at an altitude of 24,000-37,000 meters above the ground.