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Now Indians will not be able to do this work for 2 years in Canada, the Trudeau government has given a big blow

  There is a bad news for foreigners living in Canada if they want to realize their dream of owning a home. In Canada, Justice Trudeau's government has imposed a two-year ban on foreigners buying houses. However, some people are exempted from the rules. As permanent people living in Canada and refugees can get their own house. The government says that the houses were not available for the local people, so this rule has been implemented for two years. It has also been clarified that the rule has been applied only to urban houses. Justin Trudeau talked about this ban before the 2021 elections. They say that the cost of housing has become out of reach for people living in Canada. His Liberal Party said, it is their responsibility to make it easier for Canadians to buy a house, but foreigners buy houses at higher prices, which increases their rate and makes it difficult for Canadians to buy their own houses. goes After the victory in the elections, the Liberal Party started the work of banning foreigners from buying houses. The Non-Canadian Act was amended. Apart from this, in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver, they started imposing additional tax on vacant houses. According to the Real Estate Association of Canada, a shortfall of 8 lakh Canadian dollars, or about 6 lakh US dollars, was seen in house prices.