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Israel News: Israel vowed to protect its army from politics, tension may increase

  Jerusalem: Israel's leaders have vowed on Monday that they will not allow the country's army to come into the hands of politics. It comes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu increased control of the right-wing coalition partners over security forces in the occupied West Bank. While Netanyahu's conservative Likud party retained the Defense Ministry, which runs the authority coordination policy in the West Bank. It has handed over some of the negotiating policy to the radical politician Bezalel Smotrich. Itamar Ben-Gvir, as Minister of National Security, commands the border police. The coalition's structure has raised questions about the military's authority and how it will handle Tinderbox areas where the Palestinians want their own statehood. "We will protect the IDF" "I will make sure that external pressures such as political, legal and other problems I will keep to myself and will not reach the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)," Defense Minister Yoav Galant said at a ceremony to appoint new top general Hargi Halevi. Harji Halevi grew up in a Jewish religious-nationalist household. They avoided public displays of piety or politics. "We will preserve an IDF and try to keep it away from objective, doctrinal and professional considerations that are not related to defense," Harji said. The ever-increasing tension between Palestine and Israel The tension between Palestine and Israel continues to rise. Last Thursday, during a raid in the West Bank, the Israeli army shot and killed three Palestinians. The incident was the latest bloodshed in an escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine in recent months. The Israeli army has been conducting night raids in this area since the beginning of last year.