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Even before the start of summer, there was an outcry, demand for electricity increased, five units shut down, production of 1400 MW stopped.

  Patiala: PSPCL's troubles have started increasing even before the summer starts. Due to shortage of coal, shutdown of units, the demand for electricity has started increasing in winter. "Punjabi Jagran" has already revealed that the coal supply from the mine near Pachwara has started to have an impact on the thermals of Punjab. One unit of one thermal has been shut down due to shortage of coal while 4 units of other thermals are also shut due to technical reasons. Unit No. 6 of Ropar Thermal Plant has been shut down due to shortage of coal, two other units have been shut down due to technical failure. Unit No. 2 of Talwandi Sabo, a private sector thermal plant, is shut down due to technical failure. Lehra Mohabbat's unit has been closed for the last 8 months due to boiler burst. Overall, there has been a shortfall of 1400 MW in power generation in Punjab. The demand for power has been recorded higher than last year, to meet which PSPCL is forced to purchase power from the central pool at high cost. PSPCL is supplying an average of 10 crores of electricity per day by purchasing electricity at Rs 7 per unit. The demand for electricity has been recorded as more than 7 thousand megawatts till four o'clock in the afternoon on Friday. Out of the 4 units of 210 MW of Ropar plant, only one unit is running from which 126 MW power has been obtained. 620 MW electricity has been received from three out of four units of Lehra Mohabbat. 1219 MW from 2 out of three units of private sector Talwandi Sabo plant, 1338 MW from 2 units of Rajpura plant. PSPCL has received a total of 4353 MW of electricity with 410 MW from hydro projects.