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Nasa Satellite Uncontrollable: NASA's 38-year-old satellite is uncontrollable, likely to hit Earth this week

  Nasa Satellite Uncontrollable: We often read the news of meteorite hitting or passing the Earth but now the possibility of hitting the Earth has increased after NASA's 38-year-old satellite ERBS went out of control. NASA has informed that the 38-year-old satellite ERBS may collide with the Earth in the next 7 days or burn up to ashes as soon as it enters the Earth's atmosphere. Chances of Debris Falling to Earth Low NASA said on Friday that debris from the ERBS satellite is unlikely to fall to Earth. According to NASA, most of the 5,400-pound (2,450 kg) satellite will burn up after entering the atmosphere, and some small pieces will probably reach Earth, causing no major damage. The space agency NASA said that only 1 in 9,400 fragments are likely to be debris when a satellite enters Earth's atmosphere. According to the US Department of Defense, the satellite is expected to come down on Sunday night and could take up to 17 hours. The California-based aerospace corporation is constantly monitoring the satellite's activities.