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Serbia: An atmosphere of panic due to the leakage of poisonous ammonia gas in Serbia, many people were hospitalized

  Serbia, online desk. A major accident has occurred in Pirot, Serbia. In fact, a train carrying toxic ammonia gas derailed in southeastern Serbia, causing the toxic gas to spread throughout the region. So far, more than 50 people have been affected by it, who have been immediately admitted to the hospital. State emergency imposed Emergency has been declared in the area to control the situation after releasing poisonous ammonia gas. According to media sources, an investigation has been conducted in Pirot, Serbia, as well as in the surrounding areas, to see how much of an impact this poisonous gas has had, in which very little evidence of excess spread has been found. Currently, schools and public places in Pirot and surrounding areas have been closed. Also, officials have urged local people to stay indoors until the situation is under control and not to use fresh water for cooking or drinking as it is likely to be contaminated.