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Shraddha Murder Case: Shraddha's last chat shortly before the murder came to light, she told her friend- 'I've got news'

  The investigation into Mumbai's Shraddha murder case in Delhi's Chhatarpur is at a critical juncture. Delhi Police has recorded the statements of Aftab's parents. Aftab's polygraph test i.e. lie detector test was conducted on Wednesday. Meanwhile, another big revelation has been made about Shraddha. Shraddha's last conversation shortly before her death has come to light. Shraddha was murdered on May 18 between 9-10 pm. Earlier in the evening at around 4.34 pm, Shraddha had sent a message to a friend. In her last chat, Shraddha wanted to tell her friend something. He has sent three messages to his friend. In it Shraddha writes that Dude, I have got news. It is clear from this that Shraddha was about to tell her friend something important a few hours before her death, but Shraddha did not know that these words would be the last words of her life.