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The 43rd Nagar Kirtan dedicated to Gurta Gadi started with grandeur in Yuba City, USA.

  Yuba City: North America's most famous Nagar Kirtan started at around ten o'clock this morning from Yuba City, a city with a Sikh population of Californians. The Chief Granthi Sahib of Gurdwara Sikh Temple Tyra Byuna offered prayers. Flowers were showered on the chieftains by helicopter. A series of Akhand-paths have been started in the Guru Ghar for the last several days. On the way to the Nagar Kirtan, countless langars are engaged in the service of the devotees day and night, with Punjabi accents. are being used The Nagar Kirtan started under the leadership of the Panj Pyars is followed by many floats in which tableaus related to Sikh history have been made. Khalistan flags are being hoisted on some floats and loud cheers are being given in favor of Khalistan. A lot of buying and selling can be seen in the temporary shops.