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Karva Chauth is a festival symbolizing the love of husband and wife...

  This time, there is a lot of enthusiasm about the fasting of Karva Chauth. On Saturday, women shopped freely in the strip markets. On this occasion Seema Mehta, p Nra Rani, Anjali Mehta, who came to apply mehndi in the market, said that the Karva Chauth fast is observed with great enthusiasm by Suhagans for the long life of their husbands. The fast will be broken in the evening after worshiping her husband by looking at the moon through a sieve. On the eve of Karva Chauth, a huge crowd of women was seen in the markets. On this occasion, Suhaganan bought clothes as well as bangles, necklaces and other makeup items. All over the place, women were gathered to put henna on their hands. Apart from this, the buying of ornaments, glass bangles, mutts, fannies and fruits was also going on enthusiastically. Women had arrived in large numbers in the parlors built in every area. Apart from Suhagans, girls also looked very excited to get ready and get mehndi on the Karva Chauth fast. Mehndi planters said that henna is applied by auspicious women as an omen.