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Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Queen Elizabeth was buried in the lap of the earth, a large number of people participated in her funeral.

  London: Queen Elizabeth II's personality became a part of history on Monday with her funeral. More than two thousand leaders, dignitaries and millions of other people from the country and abroad bid farewell to the body of Queen Elizabeth with moist eyes. At the time of farewell, something happened which had never happened before. The music that was played during the marriage of the Maharani in 1947, the same music was played six years later during her accession to the throne in 1953 and the same tune of music was now played at her funeral. Queen Elizabeth's 70-year reign was so good that people from dozens of countries came to Britain to pay their respects and bid farewell to her from last Wednesday. Among them is the autonomous part of the world like Taiwan, where the Queen may never have visited, nor was her independence recognized by Britain. The contribution of the Queen in strengthening the democratic system along with the monarchy in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and other 14 countries cannot be forgotten. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby also mentioned these things related to the Queen's personality in the final prayer. Told for what reasons people loved him. King Charles also felt the heat of love attached to his mother. He said, the love and support of the people is heart touching.