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Project Cheetah MP: Cheetahs will come to the country today, Gwalior will be the first stage, shifts will be in 20 to 25 minutes from Gwalior by helicopter.

  New Delhi: With the first rays of the morning on September 17, the wait of more than 70 years for leopards in the country will end. The special plane, which has left Namibia with eight leopards, will touch the land of India at around 6 am. Under the plan, earlier this plane was supposed to land in Jaipur, but now it will land in Gwalior. Because the Gwalior airport has also allowed a special plane carrying leopards to land. Also the distance from Gwalior to Kuno is less. From here it will take only 20-25 minutes to shift the cheetahs by helicopter, while it was taking 50 minutes from Jaipur. This shifting of leopards is an important work in terms of wildlife not only in India, but in the whole world, in which a wild animal like leopard is shifting from one island to another. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will witness this historic occasion. Who will free the cheetahs coming from Namibia in Kuno Palpur Sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh. However, this speed was seen only after PM's interest in the project of resettling the cheetahs in the country. Not only this, when the preparations for bringing the cheetahs are being finalized, it was only after the PM's suggestion that instead of bringing the cheetahs by cargo ship, a plan was made to bring the cheetahs by a special chartered ship. Currently, eight leopards are being brought from Namibia, in which there are three males and five females. There is a preparation to bring leopards from South Africa in the next shipment. According to Cheetah Project Head and wildlife expert SP Yadav, permission was sought from both the Gwalior and Jaipur airports for the landing of the special aircraft carrying the cheetahs from Namibia. Jaipur gave permission immediately, but there is a delay in getting permission from Gwalior airport. In such a situation, a plan was made to bring the special plane to Jaipur, but permission has now been received from Gwalior as well. In such a situation, this aircraft of Cheetahs will now directly land in Gwalior. Currently its time is 6 am on September 17. Where after staying for about an hour, the leopards will be taken to Kuno with the help of a helicopter.