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Akali Dal raised questions on AAP, Majithia said - The alleged operation Lotus should be investigated by ED or CBI

  Jai Singh Chhibbar, Chandigarh: Former Akali Minister Bikram Singh Majithia while talking to reporters said that there was never any talk of buying MLAs in the history of Punjab. He said about the allegations made by Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema that the copy of the FIR is being hidden. It should be investigated under the supervision of the High Court. He said that the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Jai Kishan Rowdy was also involved and talked about going to the DGP with the evidence but has not made the names public so far. Majithia said that he asked many police officers for a copy of the FIR, but no one gave it. It should have been public. He said that in the coming days, he will call the assembly session and try to prove the majority. This will be a misuse of the treasury. They demanded the Union Home Minister to investigate the entire matter. He said that five serious cases have been registered against Sheetal Angural and a case of abduction of a minor girl has been registered against her. He also showed pictures to the media with the BJP leaders of Sital. Majithia said that Harpal Cheema talked about being proved many times yesterday but could not produce it.