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A young man infected with covid, monkey pox and HIV, had unprotected sexual relations with men, know what is the whole matter

  Rome: A surprising case of a 36-year-old man has come to light in Italy. This man has been found infected with monkeypox, covid and HIV. This is the first case of the world with three diseases infected by the virus. After fatigue, fever and sore throat, when he was tested, these diseases were detected. During the interrogation, it was found that the victim had traveled to Spain from 16 to 20 June this year. There she had unprotected sex with several men. After returning from there, when he fell ill on July 2, his tests were conducted. In these tests, he was found to be infected with Covid. After this, he started getting symptoms of monkeypox. On July 5, it was confirmed that he was suffering from monkeypox. Meanwhile, another test revealed that he was suffering from HIV-1 (AIDS). Researchers have preserved samples of his blood, mucus and other bodily substances. From their examination they will find out about other diseases. The doctors have sent the victim home where he will stay in isolation and take medicines.