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PM Modi tops the list of world's most popular leaders, got 75 PC rating: survey

  Nine worlds, PM Modi tops the list of world's most popular leaders. According to a survey, he has got 75 percent rating in this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's popularity is more than any other country's leader and he remains at the top of the ranking. A recent survey by the US-based Morning Consult found that Narendra Modi holds the top spot and dominates global leader rankings by a wide margin. No leader comes close to the Prime Minister of India when it comes to popularity charts. With a 75% approval rating, he remains the most popular global leader among India's adult population. Narendra Modi has an approval rating of 75% in a survey of 22 county leaders conducted by the US-based Global Leader Approval Tracker, an unprecedented achievement by any leader. Even the closest challenger, López Obrador, the president of Mexico, is at least 12% apart. Latest rating