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Donald Trump: Big revelation on the raid on Trump's house, the FBI was looking for documents related to nuclear weapons

  Washington: There has been a big revelation about the raid at the house of former US President Donald Trump. A report revealed that a team of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was conducting a raid in search of documents related to nuclear weapons. Let us tell you that a few days ago the FBI raided Trump's house in Florida. The Washington Post has made this claim regarding the raid on Trump's house. Neither the US Department of Justice nor the investigative agency that oversees the FBI has confirmed or denied the Washington Post's claims. Government officials are concerned that documents at Trump's Florida home could fall into the wrong hands. The FBI raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Florida home on Monday. It was being said that this raid was conducted on the basis of documents when Trump was president. The FBI raided the National Archives for an investigation related to record maintenance. The US Department of Justice had called for an investigation into Trump's handling of government documents. The FBI recovered several boxes from Trump's home. Officials say that Trump has made several documents disappear. The raid took place at a time when Trump was not present at home.