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CM Mann spoke in the rally in favor of Sherry Kalsi, said - Leaders' children are victims of new type of unemployment.

  Gurdaspur We have reached here through hard work and we will do anything if the need arises. We come from non-practicing families, we will also farm. But the children of big leaders have become victims of a new kind of unemployment. Those who say conquer us. While the people have to win. People show their eyes when they get close. The above views were expressed by Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann while addressing the election rally held in favor of AAP candidate Amansher Singh Sheri Kalsi at Vidhan Sabha constituency of Gurdaspur constituency. Attacking Sukhbir Badal, the Chief Minister said that one is stupid but this one is closed minded. They are organizing Punjab Bachao Road Show in Punjab. While the people have saved Punjab. During the road show, Sukhbir Badal is kept with an umbrella to protect him from the heat so that he does not get hot. He said that such people come out of their homes only after asking the temperature. He said that if the heat is high, they cannot even go out to seek votes. He said that we have no fear of anyone except God. He said that the people of Gurdaspur have a great opportunity for improvement. Don't miss it. Now there is an opinion among the people of Gurdaspur that whoever you field in the elections, they will vote for him. He said that the people of Gurdaspur first elected Vinod Khanna and then Sunny Deol as MP. Those who have done nothing for the society. Now is the chance for people to correct their mistake and vote for Sherry Kalsi of their constituency. He said that even before people had many expectations from him but their expectations were not fulfilled. A candidate means a person from whom people expect. But all the candidates who have come so far have lived up to the expectations not of the people but of their families and relatives. Pointing to Pratap Bajwa, he said that when LOP leaders drive around in cars worth Rs 1.5 crore, the workers think what is their fault. They travel in Rs 1.5 crore cars and we travel on bicycles. He said that when such people lose, they find faults in others and wonder what kind of material they have become. Mobile repair people have come to the assembly. About which I said that not only mobile phones but also mind healers have come.