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IP Protection: India is on the watch list of the US in the matter of IP protection, the report released by the US trade representatives

  Washington: India is one of the world's most challenging major economies when it comes to intellectual property (IP) protection, the US said on Thursday. The US has decided to put India on the watch list in terms of IP protection. Annual Review Report on the State of the World Along with India, Argentina, Chile, China, Indonesia, Russia and Venezuela are also on the watch list in the 2024 Special 301 report issued by the US Trade Representative (USTR). The Dominican Republic has been removed from the watch list. This report is an annual review of the global state of IP protection. What said about India While progress has been made in resolving some cases with investigations into trademark infringement under the US-India Trade Policy Forum, there are some lingering concerns, the report said. These include high rates of online piracy. US Trade Representative Catherine Tai said the issue of patents in India is of particular concern. Patent applicants face long waits to receive a patent grant.