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Panj Pyariya declared the secretary of the management committee to be a salaryman, violated the dignity of Takht Sri Harimandar Ji Patna Sahib.

  Patna City: The five loved ones of Takht Sri Harimandar Ji Patna Sahib in Bihar held a meeting on Sunday and announced the salary of Harbans Singh, secretary of the management committee. During the meeting, Jathedar Giani Baldev Singh, Additional Chief Registrar Giani Dalip Singh, Giani Gurdayal Singh, Parshuram Singh and Amarjit Singh were among the five leaders. Jathedar Co-Chief Registrar Giani Baldev Singh told after the meeting that on April 2, the Secretary had given a written explanation to the Panj Pyaras that in the year 2023 Ranjit Singh Gauhar-e-Maskeen will continue to serve on social media. The circulated letter is wrong, false and fake. About this, Panj Pyariya said that Ranjit Singh Gauhar-e-Maskin has filed a case in the court against the management committee citing the same letter of the secretary in the press conference. Panj Pyaraya admitted that the letter issued has the signature of Secretary Harbans Singh, they cannot deny it. The secretary has also lied to five loved ones. In this case, a written complaint has also been received from the members of the Sangat and the management committee. In the judgment given on Sunday, Panj Pyara said that the secretary repeatedly violates the dignity of Takht Sri Harimandarji Patna Sahib. Due to this, Secretary Harbans Singh is declared salaried. It is worth mentioning that among the Sikhs, the one who works against the sect is declared a salaried person. It is also proposed to punish them later.