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H5N1 Bird Flu : 'It's 100 times more dangerous than Covid', scientists warn about bird flu; Said - this could become the next epidemic

  New York: As soon as we hear the name of 'Corona', we tremble. Apart from making everyone sick, Corona also stopped the pace of the world. The world has not yet recovered from this disease. Amid the fear of Corona, scientists have warned of another epidemic. Experts have warned about bird flu, and they say that the epidemic caused by bird flu is going to be 100 times more dangerous than Corona. Experts believe that the bird flu epidemic is likely to spread rapidly. H5N1 avian flu is spreading rapidly in the US. In every state of America, its impact is being seen on wild birds as well as commercial poultry and backyard animals. Bird flu cases started coming in America Several cattle herds, along with mammals, were found to be infected in four different US states. Apart from animals, this virus has also been found in a dairy worker in Texas. Thus, cases of bird flu have become a matter of great concern to scientists as well as to the world. The New York Post quoted the Daily Mail as saying that renowned Pittsburgh bird flu researcher Suresh Kuchipudi recently discussed the issue, saying that the virus has been at the top of the epidemic list for years and perhaps decades.