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There may be more rain in monsoon this year, large-scale wind-water related events favorable for monsoon.

  New Delhi: A large part of the country is burning with heat. Meanwhile, the meteorologist has expressed hope that there may be good rains during monsoon this year. India Meteorological Department Director General Mrityunjay Mohapatra said that this year large-scale wind-water events are favorable for the Southwest Monsoon. Referring to the warming of the Central Pacific Ocean, Mohapatra said that the effect of El Nino seems to be diminishing till the beginning of June this year. La Nina condition can be seen from July to September. The cooling of the central Pacific Ocean is called La Niña. A strong El Nino event indicates a weak monsoon condition, due to which the South-East Asia region of India faces drought, whereas La Nino brings more monsoon rains in India. Mohapatra said that the La Nina phenomenon is good for the Indian monsoon. The El Nino phenomenon is not good there. El Nino has had a negative impact on the Indian monsoon in 60 percent of the years. He said that the snowfall has also reduced this year. This is another positive factor. Therefore, large-scale wind-water events are favorable for the monsoon.