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The court refused to cancel the secret file case against Trump, he is accused of taking the files home while leaving the White House.

  Washington: The US court has refused to accept the appeal of former President Donald Trump to cancel the criminal trial in the case of illegally keeping secret files. Trump is alleged to have taken important secret files home with him while leaving the White House in 2021, which federal agencies later recovered from his home. Before US District Judge Eileen Cannon in Florida, Trump's lawyers argued that the federal charges against the former president in the case are vague and vague. The judge said that the question needs serious consideration but cannot be decided at this point. This is one of the four criminal cases against Trump. Trump will present a Republican challenge to Democratic leader Joe Biden in the November presidential election. On the other hand, New York prosecutors said on Thursday that they want to start the criminal trial a month late in the case of the secret money paid to the porn star in exchange for silence against Trump. With this, the necessary documents will be collected. On this, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office said that it has no objection to it. Judge Juan Manuel has not yet issued an immediate order.