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The real truth of the UFO seen in the American sky has come out, after 78 years the veil has been lifted from the secret

  The Pentagon did not find evidence related to UFOs The report released by the Pentagon's All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (ADARO) states that there is no evidence so far that would indicate that we have had any contact with aliens. According to a report submitted to Congress on Friday, most UFO sightings were ordinary terrestrial objects. However, the Pentagon has also made it clear that its research on aliens will continue. What did US officials say about the report? Officials say the reports are related to the U.S. government's investigation of UFOs and related disclosures. The report is made public by the Pentagon's All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (ARO). A poll was also conducted to find out what people think about aliens. According to a 2021 Gallup poll, more than 40 percent of Americans think alien spaceships have visited Earth. A Pentagon spokesman said that various TV shows, books, movies based on aliens, and a large amount of content on the Internet and social media have planted the idea in the public's mind that aliens are real, but they does not need to know about them. There is no evidence of any such thing as aliens in the sky.