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Signs of an early ceasefire in Gaza, the release of 130 Israelis may be announced in the month of Ramadan

  Jerusalem: The conditions are being created for a second ceasefire in the Gaza war, which has been going on for almost five months, with Israel and Hamas. This ceasefire will also be for a limited time and its main purpose will be to release about 130 Israeli citizens held hostage in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israeli army attacks in Gaza continue. Amid these attacks, the Israeli army has captured several Hamas fighters who were fleeing among the displaced people. A ceasefire is now being negotiated in Paris. In this negotiation, Qatar, Egypt and America are playing the role of mediators. According to Israel's National Security Adviser Zachi Hanabi, the Israeli delegation has returned to Tel Aviv after participating in the talks. The delegation has said a few things in favor of a ceasefire. These negotiators will inform the Cabinet on War Affairs about the terms of the ceasefire. After this, the cabinet will take a decision about the ceasefire. The month of Ramadan may be a ceasefire It is believed that if there is a ceasefire, it will be in the month of Ramadan so that Muslims can carry out their religious activities. In the negotiations so far, it is determined that there will be a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, but in exchange for the Israeli hostages, a large number of Palestinian prisoners will be released from Israeli jails. In the November 2023 ceasefire, three Palestinian prisoners were released in exchange for one Israeli hostage. Meanwhile, the war in Gaza continues. An Israeli army major is reported to have been killed in an encounter with Hamas fighters. This brings the number of Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza to 239. 30 thousand Palestinians have been killed in this war. Meanwhile, many Hamas fighters who were fleeing from Khan Yunis along with civilians have been captured by the Israeli army. Weapons have been recovered from the arrested persons. This information has been given by the Israeli army. Meanwhile, three people have been killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria's Homs province. The victims were traveling in two vehicles when they were hit by a missile attack. America-Britain targeted 18 Houthi locations On Sunday, the United States and Britain once again targeted 18 Houthi rebel positions in Yemen, with the intention of making traffic in the Red Sea safer. In these attacks, the ability of the Houthis to attack has been damaged. This information has been given by the US Navy's Central Command. It is worth mentioning that the Houthi rebels have been attacking and damaging ships passing through the Red Sea for almost four months in protest against Israel's attack on Gaza. This sea route is one of the most important routes in the world.