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Farmers Protest: Farmers movement echoed in the British Parliament, Sikh MP raised the issue of human rights

  London: Before the Lok Sabha elections in India, farmers are once again protesting. So far no solution has been found between the central government and the protesters. Meanwhile, the death of a young man on Wednesday has confused the whole situation. The youth died due to bullet injury. Farmer leaders claim that the shot was fired by the security forces, but the police are denying this. Meanwhile, this issue has also echoed in the Parliament of Britain. British Sikh Member of Parliament Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi) raised the matter of the death of the youth during the farmers' dharna. Tanmanjit raised the issue of freedom of expression. He said that Sikh community and local gurdwara committees have written to me and expressed serious concern about the safety of farmers in India. The protester reportedly died in a police encounter on Wednesday. His cause of death is bullet injury. The Health Minister of Punjab has confirmed this. Twitter has admitted that it was asked to remove certain posts and accounts in India. He further said that the government wants to protect the human rights of farmers and what action has been taken for this?