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Hong Kong: Company victim to deepfake, $25.6 million loss; Know the whole matter

  Deepfake technology has created the biggest victim ever. According to a shocking information, about 25 million dollars have been looted from a multinational company in Hong Kong using deepfake technology. Cybercriminals posed as the company's chief financial officer (CFO) and made a video conference call. In this he was asked to transfer money. This money was transferred directly after the orders of the CFO. According to a report by Vion, the police said the criminals used deepfake technology. The MNC has been defrauded of approximately $25.6 million (HK$200 million). Such a method of online fraud has probably never been tried anywhere before. According to the police, all the officers and employees present in this video conference call, including the CFO, were fake with the help of deepfake technology. The Hong Kong office worker who became a victim of this could not understand this. He thought it was an actual conference call. The police have identified the company and the employees. Several employees including the fake CFO were present in the video call The police said that so far most of the cases are of fraud involving only one person. For the first time an entire company has been targeted. The CFO of this company. The employee told the police that the email asking for money came in January. He did not pay attention to it. Then this deepfake video was called. In this he felt that all employees, including the CFO, were genuine. He knew many of them. So he got stuck and transferred the money.