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*Isreal-Hamas War: There will be a change of power in Israel between the war with Hamas and the ceasefire, Netanyahu's increased tension

  JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a lot of criticism for failing to stop Hamas' incursion into Israel on October 7. During the bloody conflict, one against Hamas and the other for his own political survival, Netanyahu kept himself out of the limelight. Netanyahu, 74, has long enjoyed a reputation as a security guard, tough on Iran and backed by an army that ensures Jews will never face genocide again. The October 7 violence proved to be the deadliest incident during his tenure. Netanyahu's cabinet ministers sidelined Meanwhile, the Israelis have distanced themselves from some of Netanyahu's fellow cabinet ministers. He is accused of failing to stop Palestinian Hamas gunmen from entering Gaza, killing 1,200 people, kidnapping more than 240 others and plunging the country into war. How much did Netanyahu benefit from this war? In separate incidents, at least three of Netanyahu's ministers were publicly abused. Experts say Netanyahu would benefit from a war that would further delay his 3-1/2-year-old corruption trial. At the same time, he can hope to save his reputation by returning the hostages through a 4-day ceasefire. Polls in recent weeks have shown that Israelis trust the security establishment to lead the war effort, but not Netanyahu. The October 7 fiasco is his legacy. After this, whatever success Israel gets will not be credited to them.