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A road named after a late police officer of Indian origin in California

  Washington: A section of a highway in the US state of California has been named after Ronil Singh, a retired police officer of Indian origin. In 2018, a person shot and killed 33-year-old Ronil Singh. To honor the martyred national hero, this section of Highway 33 in Newman was dedicated to Ronil Singh on Saturday. The extension of Highway 33 in Newman was dedicated Saturday to Mr. Singh of the Newman Police Department. A signboard declaring "Corporal Ronil Singh Memorial Highway" has also been installed at Highway 33 and Stuhar Road. Mr Singh, a native of Fiji, joined the force in July 2011. He was shot dead by a suspected drunk driver on 26 December 2018. After a three-day manhunt, her killer, Paulo Virgen Mendoza, was captured at a relative's home in Kern County. He pleaded guilty to Singh's murder in November 2020 and was sentenced to life in prison.