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Amritpal's financier Daljit Kalsi is close to the son of Pakistan's former army chief; The security agencies disclosed

  Chandigarh: Now a new secret has come to light about Daljit Kalsi, the financier of Khalistani supporter Amritpal, who has been declared a fugitive. The investigation revealed that the company with which Kalsi was associated in Dubai is related to a former army chief of Pakistan. Apart from this, Kalsi's association with gangsters in jail has also been discovered. According to sources, the Dubai company belongs to Saad Bajwa, the son of Pakistan's former army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. Kalsi's stay in Dubai was arranged by pro-Khalistan terrorist Lakhbir Singh Landa. The police were already suspecting that across the border Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI was giving directions to Amritpal and his supporters. Meanwhile, another video of Amritpal and journalist Papalpreet Singh has come out. The video is said to be from Delhi on March 21. In this, Amritpal has not tied a turban and Papalpreet is walking behind. However, the police officials have not given any reaction regarding this video. There, the investigation revealed that through the office that Daljit had opened in Delhi, he used to work as a contract agent in modeling or films in Punjab. The police are now engaged in the investigation into which films and modeling shows he has promoted. It may be mentioned that Daljit Kalsi was recently arrested by the police in the case of funding the 'Waris Punjab de' organization. It is alleged that he funded the organization worth crores which came from abroad. There, the investigation of Kalsi's association with the company of Saad Bajwa, the son of Pakistan's former army chief, has started in Dubai.