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Trump's arrest and fake pictures of Putin's jail are being circulated, experts express concern about the misuse of AI tools

  New York: Ever since Trump expressed his suspicion of arrest and the International Court of Justice issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin, there has been a flood of fake pictures related to the two on the Internet. In fake pictures circulating on Twitter and other internet media, former US President Donald Trump is shown surrounded by New York police, while Vladimir Putin is seen locked in a concrete prison. Artificial intelligence tools have been used to create these pictures which are being circulated rapidly on social media. The access of people to these tools is very easy. Experts have warned about it. It has also been said that we can understand from this what kind of trouble we will have to face in the coming time. Professor Javin West of the University of Washington in Seattle says that after any major event, there is a flood of such fake pictures and videos on the Internet media. This will not make access to the correct facts easy. In such a situation, your confidence starts rising from the information that is being received on the system.