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The center is preparing to open campuses of foreign universities like Yale and Oxford in the country, asked for suggestions

  New Delhi: The Center has taken a major step towards reforming higher education by opening campuses of foreign universities in the country and allowing degrees awarded by foreign universities. Under this, universities like Yale, Oxford and Stanford can now be allowed to open their campuses and award degrees in the country. After this initiative of the Centre, students who cannot go abroad for studies will get an opportunity to study in major universities abroad while staying in the country. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released a draft under the New Education Policy 2020 seeking suggestions and feedback from the public. UGC gave the information According to the information given by UGC, under the new education policy, the world's top universities will be facilitated to open and run their campuses in India. The UGC said that a framework will also be created to facilitate the process in this regard and such universities will be given special exemptions from regulatory, governance and content norms at par with other autonomous institutions in India. However, the UGC has said in its release that programs offered under these rules will not be allowed in online mode.