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Ultimate Litmus Test of Good Governance is That Its Benefits Reach Remotest Citizen in Remotest Village: Union Minister Jitendra Singh 

  New Delhi - Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh on Monday inaugurated the countrywide Good Governance Week celebrations from 19-25 December 2022, with a nationwide launch of “Prashasan Gaon Ki Ore” campaign. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said, the ultimate litmus test of good governance is that its benefits should reach the remotest citizen living in the remotest village of India. Dr Jitendra Singh said, the “Rural Regeneration” vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi entails an outcome-based approach to assess real development on the ground. Modi had once said, “The country has sufficient resources to deliver benefits to the last man in the queue in the true spirit of Antyodaya and the desired results can be achieved through Good Governance”. Dr Jitendra Singh said, for sustainable development of rural India, Schemes must take into account the needs and wishes of the people in the true bottom-up approach and should be implemented through latest technological tools in a transparent, effective and accountable manner. He added that the big dream of India becoming a 5 trillion economy cannot be achieved without including villages. The Minister underlined that development of rural and neglected areas has been one of the main priorities of the Modi Government and to bridge the gap between Urban and Rural India.