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With the post of former CM's media advisor Bains, the internet media is in turmoil, know what was written like this

  Chandigarh: A post by Harcharan Bains, a media and political advisor of former Punjab Chief Minister and veteran leader Parkash Singh Badal for the past 30 years, created a stir on the Internet Media. has given Although later he also gave an explanation on this post, but this post of Bains continued to be discussed a lot in political circles. Even in the internet media, people wrote on this post of his. Bains, who is considered to be close to Parkash Singh Badal, no one expected such a post from him, so it remained a topic of discussion. Harcharan Bains wrote, 'All my life being a person's handmaiden and justifying his every right and wrong act was an unpaid job-slavery, till today that is the autobiography of my life. Now there is a desire for freedom from this tyrant. What was the meaning of his post, people wanted to know after reading it. However, most justified his decision. In more than a hundred comments, people said that they took the right decision, but took it too late. A large number of people asked the meaning of his post and some even called him, but he did not pick up anyone's phone. In another post shortly after this post, Bains said that his post was not about any particular person but about getting rid of his ego. In the second post, he wrote that after seeing the comments on my post about slavery, I am forced to say that this post was about the slavery of pride, and not about someone's political attitude. Anyway, those who know me also know that if I have to break up with someone, I will break up when they are in trouble.