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Russia-Ukraine War: Canada has taken a new move to help Ukraine, an exercise to collect money from the sale of Government Bonds

  WINNIPAG - The Russia-Ukraine war does not seem to be ending. Russian President Vladimir Putin has now intensified the war against Ukraine. The Russian army has also targeted residential areas with its missiles in the past. Since then, European and other countries have stepped up aid to Ukraine. Along with missiles, high-tech drones are also being given to Ukraine by America. Meanwhile, Canada has also made a big announcement about Ukraine. Announcement of financial help from government bonds Canada has announced a government-backed 5-year bond sale to raise funds for Ukraine. Canada has become the first country to do so. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at the annual meeting of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Winnipeg that Canadians will now be able to go to major banks to buy bonds that mature after five years with interest. These funds will be used to support the government of Ukraine. New sanctions on 35 Russian individuals Trudeau has also called for new sanctions on 35 Russians. Officials of the gas company Gazprom are also included in them. Canada has the largest number of Ukrainian immigrants and people there have lobbied for Canada to impose increasingly tough sanctions against Russia.